Laser Machine

Laser Machine

Laser Therapy in New Jersey

At D’Agostino Chiropractic, we perform laser therapy for pain treatment to our patients using light amplification by stimulated emission. We serve patients in the greater areas of but not limited to Saddle Brook, Lodi, and Elmwood Park, NJ. The technology of low-level lasers has actually been used throughout the world for over 30 years, resulting in revolutionary and completely safe practices today. Healing by laser is used for a variety of injuries and ailments including pain reduction, promotion of faster healing, inflammation reduction, relaxing muscles, reducing muscle spasms, decrease swelling and to improve the immune system.

Understanding Laser Healing

Laser light is vastly different that normal lights. Laser therapy lights are emitted from a laser diode that only has one wavelength that moves in a similar direction, amplitude, and phase, making it highly effective for healing treatments. Low-level lasers work by reducing cell disruption caused by trauma or malfunction and improving it to optimize cellular functions. By normalizing the body’s cells we can achieve relief from pain and begin a healing journey. Low-level lasers are appropriate for use anywhere on the body and have shown major improvements in many illnesses and disorders. Many patients have seen improvements in carpal tunnel, whiplash, headaches, back pain, cuts, sprains, and even colds.

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At D’Agostino Chiropractic & Associates, we are committed to providing our patients with an effective treatment for pain and injuries. We specialize in chiropractic and orthopedic care to improve our patients’ overall quality of life. From adjustments to laser therapy, we will personalize your chiropractic treatments to improve your pain and lead you on the road to recovery. We are fully equipped to handle a variety of patients who require extra care, such as pregnant women, senior citizens, children and infants. Contact us today at (973) 772-0099 to schedule an appointment if you live in or near Elmwood Park, Lodi, and Saddle Brook, NJ.

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