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Therapeutic Modalities

In addition to traditional chiropractic care, D’Agostino Chiropractic & Associates offers a variety of cutting-edge technology to assist you in living your best life. We serve patients in the greater Saddle Brook, Lodi and Elmwood Park, NJ areas. Our therapeutic modalities include ultrasound, electric stimulation, and ice/hot moist pack treatments. We are committed to individualized treatment plans for all our patients, whether they are dealing with an injury or a misalignment due to everyday factors or trauma.

Advanced Chiropractic Care

We provide a wide range of therapeutic options to compliment traditional chiropractic care. With ultrasound, we can increase tissue relaxation and blood flow, while breaking down scar tissue. This will help patients experience reduced swelling and inflammation while also promoting healing. Ultrasound is frequently used for tendinitis, joint swelling, and muscle spasms. We also offer electric stimulation to reduce pain and inflammation on acute conditions. It can also be used to help strengthen muscles that have weakened due to injuries. We recommend ice/hot moist pack treatments and modalities as a compliment to other treatments, to improve healing time.

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At D’Agostino Chiropractic & Associates, we provide effective treatment for pain and injuries using traditional chiropractic and orthopedic care, paired with advanced, therapeutic methods. We serve patients who live in or near Elmwood Park, Lodi and Saddle Brook, NJ. We also offer acupuncture and massage therapy. We work with each patient on an individual basis to determine the chiropractic care and therapeutic modalities that suit their unique needs. Whether you are experiencing pain from an accident, or need to work out the stress of everyday life, we are dedicated to assisting you in living life more abundantly and naturally. Our combination of adjustment techniques allow us to serve clients of all ages and needs, including pregnant women, senior citizens, children, and infants. Contact us today at (973) 772-0099 to make an appointment.

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